syncwerk-server-admin (CLI)

Mit dem Konsolenbefehl syncwerk-server-admin können Sie weitere Funktionen nachinstallieren und/oder auf einfache Weise administrative Tätigkeiten durchführen.

root@syncwerk:~# syncwerk-server-admin 

  syncwerk-server-admin - A Syncwerk server setup and administration tool

  syncwerk-server-admin [OPTIONS] [ARGS]

  support                         Show how to receive official support
  setup                           Automatically setup production ready Syncwerk server
  update-translations             Update translations (May take very long)
  update-static-files             Update static files (collectstatic)
  start                           Start all Syncwerk server services
  stop                            Stop all Syncwerk server services
  restart                         Restart all Syncwerk server services
  fix-permissions                 Fix file permissions and ownership of Syncwerk server components
  report                          Create report for support requests
  fsck                            Check Syncwerk block storage data
  mount [MOUNTPOINT]              Mount unencrypted folders locally in read only mode
  umount                          Unmount locally mounted folders
  gc                              Run garabage collection to delete admin trash and expired file versions
  change-email-address            Change user accounts email address 
  backup-databases                Backup Syncwerk server databases and save to /var/lib/syncwerk/backup/
  backup-object-storage           Backup Syncwerk server object storage and save to /var/lib/syncwerk/backup/
  backup-configurations           Backup Syncwerk server configurations and save to /var/lib/syncwerk/backup/
  backup-server-applications      Backup installed Syncwerk server application and save to /var/lib/syncwerk/backup/
  backup-all                      Backup Syncwerk server configuration, databases, object-storage and save to /var/lib/syncwerk/backup/
  setup-onlyoffice                Install ONLYOFFICE for file preview and editing
  setup-clamav-virus-scanner      Install and setup ClamAV virus scanner 
  run-virus-scanner               Runs virus scanner manually
  setup-letsencrypt-certificate   Install Let\'s Encrypt certificate for the domain name:
                                  Make sure the configured domain name publicly resolves to this server before running.
  setup-samba-ad-dc               Install Samba based Active Directory for "DC=syncwerk,DC=de"
  create-file-list                Create a list of all files in unencrypted folders

  For support contact us at or visit

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